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Dan Haggerty, American Patriot
January 28, 2015 | WND.com | by Jack Cashill

Dan Haggerty, smiling. Picture courtesy of Americans for Liberty.It is rare that the death of a 64-year-old man shocks those who knew him, but New Jersey architect and Air Force veteran Dan Haggerty (left) was not your ordinary 64-year-old. He was a life force.

I first met Dan in 2009 when he helped organize a Labor Day tea party rally in Morristown, New Jersey. At the time, I was skeptical that anyone could get a rally like this off the ground in a state this blue

I agreed to speak, however, mainly because my oldest brother was convalescing in a nearby hospital. . .Click link to read more . . .


How Obama Glossed Over His Greatest Failure
January 26 , 2015 | AmericanThinker.com | by Jack Cashill

What amazed me is that Obama mentioned it all.

Deep into his predictably Panglossian State of the Union speech on Tuesday, the president reminded the audience of the vision he shared at his breakout 2004 convention speech, namely that there not be a "a black America or a white America?— but a United States of America."

Pundits, he conceded, faulted him for failing to deliver on this vision, but curiously, Obama did not say the pundits were wrong. . .Click link to read more . . .


Shoot Me in St. Louis
January 21, 2015 | WND.com | by Jack Cashill

"We may have different takes on the events of Ferguson and New York," said Barack Obama in his absurdly disingenuous state of the union speech Tuesday night.

What Obama did not say is why we have “different takes” on Ferguson, namely because he and his allies in the media have done everything in their power to sell black America a false narrative of gratuitous victimization.Click link to read more . . .


Why Obama Did Not March
January 14, 2015 | WND.com | by Jack Cashill

Simply put, Obama was not about to pass up the NFL’s most watchable weekend—all four of my teams won, by the way—to march for a cause he does not believe in.

From his emergence on the national scene in 2004, Obama has been all about suppressing speech. As the titular head of the various progressive subcults—black, Hispanic, environmental, feminist, socialist, gay, and (bizarrely) Muslim—he has either endorsed or ignored any number of assaults on speech by his subalterns.Click link to read more . . .


First They Came for Molly Norris . . .
January 7, 2015 | WND.com | by Jack Cashill

In the wake of the Islamic terrorist attack on the French satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo, many of the left’s summer soldiers and sunshine patriots are standing tall on Twitter expressing their solidarity.

As former Seattle Weekly cartoonist Molly Norris learned the hard way, that solidarity flows like the Platte River, a mile wide and an inch deep.Click link to read more . . .


2014: The Year Liberalism Died
December 31, 2014 | WND.com | by Jack Cashill

Tombstone inscribed "Liberalism, R.I.P., 2014"

Katherine Ann Porter had been duped, badly. In her memoir, The Never-Ending Wrong, published on the fiftieth anniversary of the 1927 execution of convicted murderers, Nichola Sacco and Bartolomeo Vanzetti, the Pulitzer Prize-winning Porter told how this came to be. . .Click link to read more . . .


Freed Sailor Counts His Blessings
December 24, 2014 | WND.com | by Jack Cashill

Click to read more...As Roman philosopher Cicero reminded us, “Gratitude is not only the greatest of virtues, but the parent of all others.” The fact that Cicero said this more than 2,000 years ago does not make it any less true.

The sentiment endures. The chronic ingrate – and the nightly news abounds in them – cannot practice virtue. He can only mimic the virtues others practice.

One young man who personifies Ciceronian virtue will be spending his first Christmas in 19 years as a fully free man, and the progress Steven Nary has made to date justifies the faith that many readers of this column put in him. . .Click link to read more . . .


Why Media Aren't Covering White Teen Girl's Murder
December 17, 2014 | WND.com | by Jack Cashill

In August 1955, Emmett Till, a fourteen-year-old Chicago boy, was brutally beaten and shot for allegedly flirting with a white woman in a Mississippi delta town.

Ever since, and especially in the Obama years, the charlatans who preside over the vestiges of the civil rights movement and their media allies have been looking for a new Emmett Till. Predictably, they have been looking in all the wrong places. . .Click link to read more . . .


Yes, Obama Has Faced “Constant Bias”
December 10, 2014 | WND.com | by Jack Cashill

Click to read more . . . In discussing race relations this week on BET, President Barack Obama said of his future grandsons, “I don’t want them to be subjected to the kind of constant bias that makes them feel as if this is not their home.”

The implication, of course, is that Obama has himself faced “constant bias,” and in this rare instance he speaks the truth. . .Click link to read more . . .


Sgt. Kizzy Adoni, Meet Sgt. Stacey Koon
December 8, 2014 | AmericanThinker.com | by Jack Cashill

Although the major media remain mum on the subject, it appears that a black female sergeant by the name of Kizzy Adoni supervised the arrest of the 6’4,” 400 lb. Eric Garner in New York City on July 17, 2014. As NYPD Officer Daniel Pantaleo and former LAPD Sergeant Stacey Koon can attest, there seems to a serious double standard at play here. . .Click link to read more . . .


Driving While Missourian
December 3, 2014 | WND.com | by Jack Cashill

click to read full story  . . .A few days ago, a very good friend of mine, an African American, sent out a heartfelt plea to his email list on the subject of Ferguson under the message, “Call for restraint and dialogue.”

In the email, he accurately described an incident that happened some years back. . .Click link to read more . . .


The Strange Case of Ferguson Witness 40
November 28, 2014 | AmericanThinker.com | by Jack Cashill

Click to read more...Easily the strangest of all the documents that have emerged from the Darren Wilson grand jury is the one attributed to Witness 40. These are the pages pulled from her—I assume her based on writing style—diary entries from the day Michael Brown was shot, August 9, 2014. She does not appear to have been interviewed. . .Click link to read more . . .

Follow-Up to Witness 40 . . .


What Should Wilson NOT Have Done?
November 26, 2014 | WND.com | by Jack Cashill

If you find yourself at dinner this Thanksgiving day with family members bemoaning the murder of Michael Brown--the 300-pound thug attorney Benjamin Crump called that “little black boy”--ask them what Officer Darren Wilson should not have done. . .Click link to read more . . .


Eric Holder, Meet the Brothers Carr
November 19, 2014 | WND.com | by Jack Cashill

On Monday of this week, Attorney General Eric Holder reached deep into his personal memory deck and pulled out the ultimate in race cards, the Emmett Till card.

Perverse as it seems, Holder was comparing the death of Michael Brown, the 300-pounds of troubled fury who was charging a cop he had already beaten, to that of Till, an innocent 14 year-old lynched in Mississippi nearly sixty years ago, reportedly for whistling at a white woman. . .Click link to read more . . .


Obama Channels Nixon in Denial Down Under
November 19, 2014 | AmericanThinker.com | by Jack Cashill

Click to read more. . .At a on Sunday news conference in Brisbane, Australia, Fox News correspondent Ed Henry bluntly asked President Barack Obama whether, as Jonathan Gruber alleged, he misled the American people to get the Affordable Care Act passed.

“No. I did not," said Obama without conviction, a line that eerily echoed Richard Nixon’s famously unfortunate denial, “I’m not a crook” some forty years prior. . .Click link to read more . . .


Joe Wilson Was Right
November 17, 2014 | AmericanThinker.com | by Jack Cashill

 Click to read more . . .On the night of September 9, 2009, a still highly popular President Barack Obama spoke spiritedly to a joint session of Congress. He had summoned the members of both parties to introduce his plan to transform American health care.

The promises he made that night were many and, to most in the television audience at least, sounded fresh . . .Click link to read more . . .





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