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We Had a Ten-Year Warning on Beheadings
October 1, 2014 | WND.com | by Jack Cashill

The discussion about the Oklahoma beheading by MSNBC host Melissa Harris-Perry and her like-minded panelists this past Sunday has already ascended to the level folklore for its astonishing empty headedness.Click link to read more . . .

Eric Holder's Original Sin
September 27, 2014 | AmericanThinker.com | by Jack Cashill

In setting out to write my book “You Lie!”  my initial goal was to chronicle Barack Obama’s major deceptions. In doing so, alas, I ended up writing the history of the presidency.

Among the boldest of the deceptions was the canard that Obama’s would be a post-racial presidency. Click link to read more . . .

Barack Obama’s Foundational Lie
September 24, 2014 | WND.com | by Jack Cashill

In researching Barack Obama’s many deceptions for my forthcoming book--“You Lie!”--I can find none more fundamental than the one he put over when first introduced to America writ large at the 2004 Democratic National Convention in Boston. Click link to read more . . .

The Unspoken Obama Lie That Led to Benghazi
September 24, 2014 | AmericanThinker.com | by Jack Cashill

To make a difference going forward, Trey Gowdy and the House’s Benghazi select committee may want to ask how the U.S. got involved in Libya in the first place. What they will discover is that Barack Obama borrowed a page from the Clinton playbook on Kosovo, a lethal exercise in mendacity unparalleled in recent American history. Much of the mischief I unearthed in my forthcoming book, You Lie!, I expected to find. This nugget surprised me. Click link to read more . . .

What Obama Did on September 11, 2012
September 17, 2014 | WND.com | by Jack Cashill

Sharyl Attkisson“In a free democratic republic,” former CBS reporter Sharyl Attkisson (left) tweeted a week ago on September 11, “what’s the justification for leaders keeping secret what the elected commander in chief [was doing] on the public’s behalf while Americans were under attack on foreign soil?” Click link to read more . . .

Don’t Blame the NFL
September 17, 2014 | AmericanThinker.com | by Jack Cashill

On the opening weekend of the 2014 NFL season, 1696 players suited up for game one. Of these, 1694 are in their twenties and thirties. Based on a survey I did of the AFC South division a few years ago, roughly 1170 of these players are African American.

A few have gotten into trouble lately. Click link and read more . . .

5 Lies That Have Shaped the Obama Presidency
September 13 , 2014 | New York Post | by Jack Cashill

Obama with fingers crossed behind backNew York Post -- If past presidents are remembered for their signature achievements, Obama will be remembered for his signature lie: “If you like your health care plan blah, blah, blah.” The reader knows the rest. Although the most consequential of Obama’s lies — it got him reelected — it’s far from his only prevarication. Click link and read more . . .


Force Feeding Islam to the Heartland
September 10 , 2014 | WND.com | by Jack Cashill

As anyone who has spoken honestly about Islam knows, multiculturalism isn’t all that “multi” and relativism isn’t all that relative.

This lesson I learned in an unexpected place, the venerable Chautauqua (sha-TAWK-wa) Institution in Western New York, a physically beautiful summer colony with a strong ecumenical Christian tradition. . . Click link and read more . . .


What Actually Happened in Ferguson
September 3 , 2014 | WND.com | by Jack Cashill

I wonder if major media executives are savvy enough to be embarrassed by the unpaid citizen journalists who have subverted their high price monopoly on the news. . . Click link and read more . . .


Black-on-White Cop Shooting Tests Media Integrity
August 27 , 2014 | WND.com | by Jack Cashill

Okay, I know, the phrase “media integrity” may strike the reader as an oxymoron like, say, “postal service.” But the Post Office, for all its faults, defies the oxymoron by delivering my mail 99 percent of the time.

As was evident in Ferguson, Missouri, the major media—CNN most disgracefully—made no effort at all to undo its oxymoronic reputation. Indeed, the word “moronic” does no injustice to the coverage.Click link and read more . . .


How Gov. Nixon 'Besmirched' the Missouri 15
August 20 , 2014 | WND.com | by Jack Cashill

With one eye on the presidency—he’d settle for “vice”—Missouri Gov. Jay Nixon made the rounds of the morning news shows this past Sunday to rationalize his mishandling of the freak show being staged in Ferguson.Click link and read more . . .


Why No Riots for Miriam Carey?
August 13 , 2014 | WND.com | by Jack Cashill

Picture of Miriam Carey's car. Clcik to read more . . .

While the media look hard for ways to rationalize the irrational pillaging of greater St. Louis over the shooting death of Michael Brown, they continue to ignore the death in October of African American dental hygienist, Miriam Carey.Click link and read more . . .


Obama Turned 53 - Or Did He?
August 06, 2014 | WND.com | by Jack Cashill

On Tuesday of this week, Barack Obama turned 53. Or so we were told.

On the occasion of this presumed birthday, it might be useful to revisit a claim by Obama himself as to when he was born, one that would put his current age at 48—or younger.Click link and read more . . .

Barack Obama’s Most Tragic Failure
July 30, 2014 | WND.com | by Jack Cashill

The lead article in Wednesday’s Kansas City Star email blast spoke of President Barack Obama’s visit to the city on Tuesday.

At an inner city barbecue joint, the reader learned, Obama “met with four White House-chosen Kansas Citians over a half slab of ribs and a Bud Light and discussed how what he does in Washington registers in people’s lives.”

On that same day, about a mile or so away, an event sparked the second lead Star article. As the headline suggests, even the Star editors could not miss the irony, “Nonviolence rally marred by multiple fights.”Click link and read more . . .

Why Putin Ignores Obama on MH17
July 23, 2014 | WND.com | by Jack Cashill

On Monday, in addressing the shoot down of Malaysia Airlines Flight 17 (MH17), President Barack Obama demanded that Russian President Vladimir Putin provide "immediate and full access to the crash site."

Obama then warned Putin that Russia would face additional sanctions if he refused to act. Said Obama, “What exactly are they trying to hide?"

Putin had to find all this posturing by Obama more than a little amusing.Click link and read more . . .


Anderson Cooper:
“ TWA Flight 800 Was Shot Down”

July 22, 2014 | AmericanThinker.com | by Jack Cashill

Some truths CNN reveals only accidentally. One such truth Anderson Cooper (left) shared on the night of July 17. In speaking about the shoot down of Malaysian airliner MH 17 earlier that day, Cooper referred back to “July 17, 1996, when TWA Flight 800 was shot down off the coast of Long Island in New York.”

TWA Flight 800 was fresh on Cooper’s mind. Two days earlier, Cooper hosted a CNN special report on the subject, “Witnessed: The Crash of TWA Flight 800.” Click link and read more . . .




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