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From Readers: Love Letters & Pot Shots:

Readers' Love Letters & Pot Shots    

This page includes a selection of readers' love letters and pot shots I've received over the years. Some are entertaining. Many are touching.

As a public figure and occasional lightning rod for heated agreement and disagreement, I herein thank those who cared enough to write me. I respect the privacy of all the parties who contact me - even the real nut-bars - and so for the most part I have not included the identities of the authors of these messages.

Some of these missives just screamed for a bit of editorial reply — in those cases where I just couldn't resist saying something, it appears in red text.

While I have tried not to alter the content of the original messages represented below, some editorial license has been taken. I've shortened the really huge ones, and in some cases omitted expletives and vulgarities.

Please note that inclusion on this page is at the sole discretion of cashill.com's staff. Not everyone who writes to me will be immortalized herein. The judge's decision is final. And I will not include your rebuttal to my comments about the flames. As my long suffering webmaster has warned me:  Just-t-t.  Don't.  Asssk.

Love Letters:
Pot Shots:

Here, here, Jack, well done!

By graciously acknowledging, by shining a bright light upon, the national treasure now known as Sundance (who has opened the eyes of millions of Americans, myself included, to the great deception known collectively as government), you also inadvertently shine that light upon yourself.

You are also, Jack, a national treasure to every one of the millions of us who desperately desire to see this great experiment in self-governance - that has now been hijacked by corporatists, leftists and simple greedy, power-hungry politicians - reformed, wrenched from the grasp of the hopelessly corrupt and returned to the nation's rightful owners, the American people, the masses of ordinary citizens who willingly grant power to politicians with the expectation that they will, in turn, value and jealously guard that power, using it for the betterment and improvement to the body politic.

But at every turn the cynical, deceitful political hacks now holding the reigns of power we grant them, in good faith, are abusing that power with audacious contempt.

Throughout your career you have been exposing that abuse of power and we are, in turn, forever grateful to you, Sundance, and others who have fearlessly taken up the good fight to expose the corrupt and feculent liars and scoundrels who've stolen our democratic republic.

And we want it back.

February 2018


I loved the article on Bizzaro World piece you wrote and couldn’t agree
more with your conclusions. Seinfeld did a classic episode about this
Superman flip and I have been using the term ever since. I appreciate
the reference of my Dad and will share the article with him. I have to
print for him, as he is famously without computer or cell phone. 

Keep up the great work, it’s important to battle progressivism on the
academic and intellectual front, as well as every other opportunity.
You are a good American and we appreciate you. Holler if we can ever be
of service. God bless.

Al R.


Thanks to Stella I was able to download and read Jack Cashill’s  book about the Zimmerman case this past weekend.   I very much enjoyed his presentation and found the book to be a solid, fact based, presentation.   Perhaps later in the week I’ll get around to writing a review about it – but suffice to say it’s a soup-to-nuts delivery of the entire case.    A very good read – pulling together a very complex dynamic into digestible form.


Dear Mr. Cashill 

Thank you in advance for reading this email. I need to take a little of your time to thank you sincerely for your seemingly tireless work in exposing "Dreams of my Father" and "Audacity of Hope" as the the literary frauds they really are. Your work is brilliant.

As a daily reader of "American Thinker", I was reunited with your work this year. Having read "Ron Brown's Body" several years ago (which I thoroughly enjoyed and have recommended to my friends) I soon came to realize you were *that* Jack Cashill.  I look forward to your writing with delight ever since .

I find your work in 'literary forensics' fascinating. Your methodology always appears to be thorough and fair and reported with a tone that's measured and factual, yet remains contextually intriguing and fun. God bless you, Jack Cashill and the work that you do!  I count you as THE leading investigative journalist of our time. Keep up the good work!


Mr. Cashill,

. . . Also, a couple of months ago, I saw you on C-Span discussing “What’s the Matter with California” and you really hit everything dead on. Strange enough, for the longest time, I felt the dismantling of American core values, our foundation, began with the loons in California. Your discussion and book seemed to confirm what I felt has been so. Thanks. Again, you were awesome and, please, accept my compliments on you great work. Sir, you are too cool…..

Miami, Florida


it was so good to hear you on the radio this week. i learn so much listening to you.....your social commentary is unsurpassed. the california stories are so insightful......the santa barbara story especially.

i have been to a couple of your talks and have read a number of your books and articles (twa 800).  keep up the good work although i know you can't help yourself.





I found your book on life in California to be fantastic and scary at the same time. Fantastic for putting into words the vague thoughts I've had about Californians (not all, of course) and scary because of what life there portends for the rest of America .
. . Thanks so much for such an interesting book.

Mike L.

Hi Dr. Cashill,

My name is William J. Butchee and I have just completed "Sucker Punch".I first encountered you by watching Book Span on cable TV. You had just introduced a previous book "Ron Brown's Body" which was excellent.

I must add that I'm African American and this book (Sucker Punch) has given me a nostalgic journey of my past. I too was in Gary, Indiana when you first encountered the disenchantment of Dr King's dream. In fact, I was born in Gary, graduated from Roosevelt high school and I was there when Richard G. Hatcher was elected mayor, which may have the makings for another book. The history lesson that you have provided in this book is priceless. I enjoy reading American and Biblical history and you have done your homework.

Jewish rabbis believe there are no coincidences. When you shared your background as with your father and mother where your father passed away and your mother became determined to stay in your hometown regardless of the changing environment spoke volumes to me. There were similarities with my family as well. My mother was also determined to stay in Gary (hometown) and complete the journey as with her kids, me being oldest, twin brothers and a sister (a Purdue grad). Please accept my belated condolence to your mom and dad. It seems (with book) that we could have been old friends. My mom and dad are both deceased too.

I have shared this book along with "Ron Brown's Body" with children (2 boys and girl) all of whom are in college. My oldest son also enjoys your writing because he uses the data for debates.

Again, Dr. Cashill, thank you for your God-given talent to write such documentaries with accuracy of the past.  Sincerely

William J. Butchee

Mr. Jack Cashill,

Whenever I see your name attached to a column I read it! Why! Because I know it's the absolute truth!

I cannot say this about ANYTHING I read in newspapers...Once again you have reaffirmed my belief that our government officials participated, with their full knowledge, in criminal activities and criminal cover-up of a crime. TWA 800 was the victim of this criminal cover-up. I am totally convinced of that.

When you first disclosed that the government investigative bodies attributed the disaster to an exploding fuel tank, and their explanation of this phenomenon, I knew instinctively from my past training and studies that they were lying!

...[F]ew people on this planet have a background or training in such knowledge. I knew the fallacy of their report because I happen to have studied the "causes of fuel tank explosions," fuel to air mixtures, the explosive ranges of fuels in relation to air, and the very low volatility of jet fuels. Jet fuels are much like kerosene when discussing volatility - for jet fuels to reach the temperature levels where they emit explosive vapors in the narrow explosive ranges that are required - well, let us just say it would have to be a unique and highly unusual situation - that would be remotely possible. In other words, the proposal proffered by the government was total "hog-wash." But, Mr. Cashill, the administrators from the government agencies would NOT realize how preposterous their thesis was.

I did not become the Fire Chief at (identifying location redacted) through politics. Only my dedication to study of Fire Science, plus first-hand knowledge acquired at (redacted), allows me to state my personal observations above.

With many, many thanks for your tenacity and huge talents. With best regards,

Jack S.

Mr. Cashill,

I just spent hours and haven’t even scratched the surface on what Fred Thompson and you want the people of America to know about Hillary, Ron Brown…and so much more. I have forwarded it to all of my friends and family. Thank you for your dedication and words of wisdom. I pray that it will open the eyes of every citizen that reads it. I am looking forward to reading more of your writings. Keep up the good work.

Thank you,

Barbara B.

Ahhhh, Jack, 

And just when I think you can't possibly write a
better article, nor more clearly embody the words
''common sense'', in one of your pieces,
well, you go ahead and 'outdo' ( there's a word our
parents often used, yes? ) your own superb writing
and knock out an article like the 9 - 6 - 07 piece
you just wrote. 

When I read an article like the one you wrote about
the poor ''minuteman'' grandma, and the
''un''-common sense that goes into the
council-members minds there in Kansas City, I wish I
could take out a full page ad in the New York Times
and the L.A. Times and print your whole article.

Of course, that would simply fan the flames of that
mindset and they'd be tracking you down....and
running you out of town in a lynch party...


Hi Mr. Cashill,


I just watched Mega Fix yesterday and loved it.  Your presentation was fascinating and very plausible. . . Please continue to speak out.  You’re a true Patriot!  Thank You. -- Dan H.

. . . And by the way, at the risk of gushing like a Britney Spears fan, I must tell you that I am a regular reader of Ingram's and always feel a tingle of excitement as I open it first to your column. I'm never disappointed. I was also fascinated not long ago to hear you talking about Muhammad Ali on a television program. The president's directive reminded me that I intend to read your book(s). I share your political perspective and absolutely delight in your ability to skewer conventional wisdom with inconvenient facts. -- KLS

Jack,  Your beautifully colorful, eye-catching
> What's the Matter with California?  books, are
> prominently displayed in 2 X 2 array as you first
> walk into Barnes and Nobles here in C-ville, and
> immediately caught my eye yesterday.  Then I saw it
> was by the man!  Blew me away!  Bought it
> immediately and am now fighting with my staunch
> republican fiancé for the right to read it first.
> Will get Sucker Punch, too.  Proud of  you, boy. 
> Amazed me the number of people you acknowledged for
> their help. . . - Joe W.

Just a quick note to tell you how much I am enjoying your book Mr. Cashill!!  Your one-liners are incredibly funny:  “Easier to bar mitzvah Bin Laden than getting a Californian to give up green!!”, “The Deep Ecologists had one minor suggestion for change….that is they didn’t want it all!!”  Hilarious!!

The book is spot on!!

DJ ( Waxahachie, Texas)

I just wanted to let you know that I very much appreciate your being an Anerican.  You give me hope. If there are others out there like yourself, we may survive the onslaught of stupid ideas fomented by stupid leaders to rule and enslave a stupid populace.  But you, my friend, are truly an American hero.
  • Jack,-Very informative article on Mead. I had never heard the back story, the girls later statements, or those of  other later anthropologists.  All I remember is that I had to read the book to pass a college course and that our social science programs treat her like a god.-thanks again for  your good work. ---Dennis
  • Bravo jack! I was an anthropology major in college and on 1969 it was difficult to get any truth shed on this as boas and Benedict were big shot heroes in anthropology -- Peter

i am disappointed to the max.
i read the media matters review.
it proves, as i thought, that u r a nutjob.
i used to believe in u, but now i know better.
yur book is bizarre, and morally offensive.
therefore, i will not let my daughter read it.
i now see yur deficiencies of expertise and common sense.
u have gathered enuf ignorant people (myself included) to make an expert.
shame on u!
obviously, since even the right wing press won't report on what u wrote, this is the most compelling proof that yur theory is irretrievably insane.
my hero, David Remnick, was right. there is an unmistakable ugly pedigree of white authors accusing black authors of not being able to write.
u r obviously an unrepentant racist!
u have demonstrated a deranged antipathy towards our Democratic president (all praise!).
how do u sleep?




since you left out the word "f**king" in your response, I know your letter to be a fake!


Dear Jack,

     I see you have a book coming out entitled "What's Wrong with California."    I assume this will be some kind of a right wing diatribe modeled after the book "What's Wrong with Kansas."

      I was spending part of my time in Missouri back when you had a  talk show with a liberal lady who was a former nun.    I must say  that of all the right wing screwballs who have made their way into  the media, I would rank you as one of the most obnoxious.  This  book will not be worth much, and if autographed by the author will be worth less than nothing.   Sincerely,    

Walt Marsh   
Ashland,  Oregon.

Dear Mr. Cashill,

I'm trying to figure out how one can compare calculating in base-20 to calculating in Esperanto.  One can certainly calculate in base-20 using Esperanto if that is what one wants to do, and that is even easier to do in Esperanto than in other languages do to the way one constructs words in Esperanto.  The number system has a logical basis for its naming convention, unlike English or other evolved languages.

Due to my own experience with number systems and with languages, I question your comparison.

I suspect that your comments regarding Esperanto were not meant to be taken seriously.  However, your column "Two faces of Hispanic America" is filled with cultural discussion about the lives of very real people and their education.

In another cultural region of the United States, in Tahlequah, Oklahoma, more than 400 students have been taught Esperanto in the public schools. Those students . . .enjoy the benefits of establishing international friendships easier and faster.

I thank you for your article.  In fact, any mention of Esperanto in the press causes some readers to do further research.  Eventually some will find good information regardless of what was written originally. Sincerely . . . .

This is the cashill.com webmaster. I urge you to read "What's the Matter with California," coming out in October 2007, for a less narrow view.

Letter to the Kansas City Star:

Last Sunday I coughed up the [Kansas City Star] cover price to read about mass transit. Your writers and I disagree, which is fine. I learned what the story is, or so I hope. But on the back page of the A&E section, I read Aaron Barnhart’s column on bees. I rarely did when I subscribed, as I have no interest in television. (And the increasing amount of the paper devoted to things on TV made me feel as if I was wasting my money.) But I am interested in bees. And I read, "Flat-earthers have had great fun with that line over the years (Jack Cashill brought up global cooling recently on KCPT’s "Week in Review"), but they have a point." And was taken aback.

The casual insult, so slight yet so deft. Not actually calling Cashill a flat-earther, no, nothing so overt and unpleasant. The subtle slash of another know-it-all doing a little character assassination where not only unnecessary, but absolutely gratuitous. What is a flat-earther? Someone who denies some obvious scientific reality I suppose. Which one is he denying? Global warming? Really want to go there, Aaron? And slamming Cashill, a man with a Ph.D. who edits one of the most literate magazines around, is nearly comical in its pip-squeakiness. I would pay money to see Jack Cashill debate Aaron on any topic. Including television. I won’t hold my breath waiting. He offered no evaluation of the evidence, nor addressed what is, to those who actually read beyond the mass media hysteria, a difficult and confusing topic with no consensus other than that enforced by Pope Albert I and his ferocious minions.

Nope, a quick name-calling, and off he went . . . 
-- Jim C.

Dear Mr. Cashill,

My name is Xxx Xxxx and I am a customer of Blockbuster Total Access On Line.  I thought the following might be of interest to you.  The following is a letter I sent to Blockbuster Corporate.

My account number is *******.  I have ordered and received the movie ‘Mega Fix'  BROKEN three times.  Each time I have returned the broken DVD to you and written the word broken across the face of the DVD as well as mark out the bar codes on the sleeve and return mailer.  I've also written broken on the face of the return envelope so that your service center will not resend it to someone else.

Of all the titles I've received from your company only the title Mega Fix has shown up broken.  I believe someone in your service center is purposely damaging this movie, or the company that supplied it to you sent them out damaged.

Thank you for taking the time to read this.


Xxx Xxxx

Webmaster's note: Find out why Xxx Xxxx might be right. Check out Mega Fix.

...Your book is a right-wing ultra-conservative piece of crap that attacks minorities, immigrants and California politics. Your book is full of inaccuracies and a lot of pedestrian Republican diatribe. Stay in Missouri and leave California to Californians. You know not whereof you speak! -- Thomas Dunn (aka "Sam Spade")

Webmaster's Question: Could you be more specific - or did you forget to read the book?

"Jack, I hate to break it to you, but Charlie Manson is upset with you . . . " See below:

I do not need to read any thing else that you have written.  I already know what sort of self involved person you are.  Telling me to read your own material demonstrates your inability to grasp the basic concept of impartiality. . .Your “confusion” about the origins of our President is another example of your onanistic use of your own publication to reinforce your oft disproven ideas.
I have weathered many adolescent and less transparent attempts than yours to disrespect me through the snickering at my name. . . With all due respect, sir, f**k you.

You need not respond further.  I will discard anything else received from you, unread.

Charles N. Manson

Charles, Bummer having your name rendered absurd in mid-life. -- Jack


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