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© Jack Cashill - November 19, 2014

On Monday of this week, Attorney General Eric Holder reached deep into his personal memory deck and pulled out the ultimate in race cards, the Emmett Till card.

Perverse as it seems, Holder was comparing the death of Michael Brown, the 300-pounds of troubled fury who was charging a cop he had already beaten, to that of Till, an innocent 14 year-old lynched in Mississippi nearly sixty years ago, reportedly for whistling at a white woman.

"The struggle goes on," said Holder. "And it's not only Ferguson, there are other communities around our country where we are dealing with relationships that are not what they should be.”

Carr brothersOne of those communities is Wichita, Kansas. In December 14, 2000, brothers Reginald and Jonathan Carr (left) culminated a murder-robbery spree with a home invasion.

Armed and dangerous, the Carrs interrupted a small engagement party, forced the three men and two women to strip, raped and sodomized the women, sexually humiliated the men, pilfered their ATMS, drove the five of them to a snow-covered field, shot each of them in the back of the head, and, for good measure, ran over their bodies with a truck.

The Carrs were black. All of their victims were white. Incredibly, one of the women survived, and her testimony was critical in convicting the brothers of virtually all the 113 counts against them.

This past July, the Carrs found their way back into the news when the entirely white and oddly liberal Supreme Court of Kansas overturned their death penalties on a technicality. This court, in fact, has not upheld a single death sentence since the state’s new capital punishment took effect in 1994

Outraged by the reversal, friends and family members of the deceased tried to deny the retention of the two offending judges up for renewal. They almost succeeded.

Holder has courted the parents of Michael Brown like royalty, and before them the parents of Trayvon Martin, but the families of the Carr brother victims, indeed the families of all other white heterosexual victims, are simply not on his radar.

This is particularly problematic because the Wichita Massacre is a much more credible metaphor for “the struggle” in twenty-first century race relations than is the death of Emmett Till.

In this century, just about every state in America has witnessed a black-on-white incident that mirrors the Wichita killings in everything but scale. Some are even more gruesome.

You would not know that from the attorney general, the president, the crumbling vestiges of the civil rights movement or the major media. They don’t even know who the Carr brothers are, and if they did, they would not care.

When Kansas Governor Sam Brownback raised the issue of the Carr’s judicial reprieve during a 2014 campaign debate, his Democratic opponent, Paul Davis, called his comments “disgraceful,” and the local media piled on.

Ordinary citizens had a different take. Although election-day polls gave Davis a better than 90 percent chance of winning, Brownback climbed to victory on the backs of the state’s liberal judges.

These citizens have come to see that liberals, for all their talk of wanting an “honest conversation,” are too wedded to their sanctimonious racial myths to even know where to begin.

Holder reaffirmed this on Monday. In a tree-planting ceremony in Till’s memory, he told of how “our recent history is dotted with the stories of far too many other Emmett Tills, Matthew Shepards, and James Byrds.”

Holder apparently chose not to know that gay journalist Stephen Jimenez had recently and thoroughly deconstructed the gay martyr saga that was spun instantly out of Shepard’s 1998 murder.

According to Jimenez, Shepard had a known drug problem. He and his killer, Russell McKinney, had apparently done meth together. Shepard even dealt meth, occasionally in competition with McKinney, an occasional sex partner as well.

On the night in question, McKinney went on a meth-fueled rampage. He pistol-whipped the vulnerable Shepard for drug money, drove into town to rob Shepard’s apartment, and then pistol whipped a stranger who got in his way, fracturing his skull in the process. This is not at all the story America was told and that Holder is still telling.

In that same year, 1998, James Byrd was dragged to his death by three degenerate, white ex-cons. John King, who has since been executed for the crime, was a diagnosed manic-depressive who joined a white supremacist gang in prison reportedly after being gang raped by black inmates.

Although the murders of both Byrd and Shepard were heinous, they were also wildly anomalous and indicative of nothing. Holder’s notion that there are “far too many” such stories is a cruel fiction.

In Washington, Holder talked about the need to confront “the enduring legacy that Emmett Till has left with us,” but he and President Obama have perverted that legacy.

By linking it to aspiring thugs like Michael Brown and Trayvon Martin, all that they have accomplished is to give deranged people like the Carr brothers the moral sanction they need to kill.


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