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Jack Cashill has worked as an independent writer, director and producer for the last fifteen years, In that time, he has been able to create any number of long form video documentaries, at least a dozen of which have appeared on national cable or regional PBS stations and one of which, The Royal Years, has won an Emmy.

Left to Right: Cardinal Josef Ratzinger (now Pope Benedict XVI), Jack Cashill, and Mike Wunsch (camera) President of Outpost Pictures

He recently completed the prelims of a feature length film as co-writer and director, working title, Dreamers, about the retrieval of the Steamboat Arabia.

VIDEO/ PRODUCTIONS (within the last 12 years):

  • My most recent production, Mega Fix, was shot in HDTV and represents a hybrid format we call documentary stand-up. It uses excerpts from my previous documentary on TWA Flight 800 called Silenced, excerpts of which were also used for a History Channel production.
  • I wrote and produced Blue River Blues, a video documentary on the ecological history of Kansas City, for KCPT-TV. Again, if awards matter, it won a gold in the regional ITVA.
  • I wrote, directed and produced From The Heart, a video documentary on homelessness. It won The Judge's Special Recognition Award in that year's OMNIs.
  • I wrote and produced Crossroads, a video introduction to the history of the Kansas City region, for The Kemper Foundation and KCPT-TV. It has played nationally on The History Channel and also won a gold in the Regional ITVA.
  • I wrote, directed and produced The Fall and Rise of The Steamboat Arabia for the Steamboat Arabia Museum. It swept all major awards at Regional ITVA and has since played on Regional PBS stations throughout the Midwest, the national History Channel and the International History Channel.
  • I wrote and directed The Holocaust Through Our Own Eyes for the Midwest Center on Holocaust Education. To produce this, we interviewed more than 60 Holocaust survivors and worked in concert with the National Holocaust Center in Washington. It has played on regional PBS stations, and it too swept all major awards at Regional ITVA.
  • I wrote, directed and produced Remember Me, KC and its sequel, The Royal Years for KCPT-TV in Kansas City. The first video was the most successful pledge vehicle to date for KCPT. The second video was nominated for two regional Emmys and won one.
  • On a western tangent, I wrote, directed and produced Soul of The West for KCPT-TV about a teacher's quest to trace the Pony Express Trail and The Life and Times of The Brothers James for The Jesse James Farm and Museum.
  • I produced Tradition for The Priestly Fraternity of Saint Peter, the most spectacular video of a Latin mass ever recorded. I wrote and produced, a 90-minute documentary on the traditional Catholic movement, Pilgrimage. Shot entirely on location in Rome, the video featured Cardinal Ratzinger, now Pope Benedict XVI, and aired for national broadcast on EWTN.
  • I wrote and produced Pop-Up America for the Western Reserve Historical Society in Cleveland.
  • I wrote and directed Journey to Zion for Brigham Young University.
  • I have also written and produced any number of corporate videos, most notably the Revolution and Freedom videos for New Tek, the makers of the Video Toaster and Light Wave.
  • Over the last 20 years, I have also produced literally hundreds of TV commercials in film and video.

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