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by Dan Margolies
May 22, 1998
Published in the Kansas City Business Journal

Jack Cashill, polyglot, Ph.D. and multiple media threat, is off to Moscow this summer to shoot a video on the Napoleon/Alexander exhibit that's scheduled to come to Kansas City in March 1999. Cashill claims to have read "War and Peace" in its entirety (this from a guy who's never read "Moby Dick") and now he says he knows why.

The peripatetic producer and marketing maven also recently finished writing a history of the Burns & McDonnell engineering firm, which he says is more or less the history of American engineering in the 20th century.

"It's a great story. Far more interesting than most people would think."

Cashill has been doing independent production for the last seven years, drawing on his polymath education -- seven years of Latin and three years of Greek, not to mention a doctorate in American Studies from Purdue University -- to come up with videos ranging from "Tradition: The Latin Mass" (co-produced with Mike Wunsch of Video Post) to "The Royal Years," a history of Kansas City from 1950 onward that ran on KCPT-TV and was nominated for an Emmy.

So where, given his daily co-hosting duties on KMBZ-AM, does he find the time to do all this?

"I get up very early in the morning."


For the source, please visit: http://tampabay.bizjournals.com/kansascity/stories/1998/05/25/tidbits.html


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